Store Address:
2808 North 48th Street
Lincoln NE 68504

Store Phone:

Store Hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 10 AM – 5 PM

Saturday: 1 PM – 5 PM

We are closed on the following days:
All Sundays & Mondays
4th of July
November 25 through November 29
December 23 through January 6

If Severe Winter Weather closes LPS, School District 145 (Waverly) and/or School District 160 (Norris), we will be closed. If you are in doubt, please call before you leave!

Store Parking
Parking for our store is located in a public lot on the South side of Madison Street.

Store Menu/Prices
Cupcake flavors vary each day and quantities are limited. If you are needing more than 2 dozen cupcakes, ordering in advance is recommended.

Single Serve Cupcake: $1.25
Cinnamon Rolls: $2.50
French Macarons: $1.75
Whoopie Pies: $1.75
Krispy Treats: $1.75

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