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About PJ’s Baby Cakes

PJ’s Baby Cakes is owned and operated by Amanda Bragg. Amanda has had a passion for baking for as long as she can remember. When opportunity knocked in 2009, she opened the door; just four months after the birth of her first child and over 5 years in the insurance industry, she was laid off. Rather than jump into another 9-5 job and put her son in daycare, Amanda decided to pursue her life long dream of opening a bakery with a focus on cupcakes.

PJ’s Baby Cakes first debuted at the Haymarket Farmer’s Market in Downtown Lincoln, Nebraska, in May 2009. We proved to be an immediate success, obtaining many repeat and loyal customers. It also gave us the opportunity to provide cupcakes to customers directly for special events such as birthday parties and weddings. No more than 7 months after our first “official” sale, we moved into our own commercial space as we had outgrown Amanda’s home kitchen.

Our emphasis is on quality and customization that’s affordable. With over 100 different flavor combinations and a specialization in fondant work, your imagination is the limit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a store front?
Yes! It’s located in historic University Place at 2808 North 48th Street Lincoln, NE 68504 (located in the building at the corner of 48th & Madison).

What are your hours?
Please visit our location and hours page for our store hours!

Why do you change your hours so often?
We have been, and always will be, a family-owned business. Family comes first and this means adjusting our store hours to fit the needs of our family.

Where do I park?
Wherever you can legally park your car! There is street parking on Madison, but it is limited. We recommend that you park in the (free) public lot on the South side of Madison.

So now that you have a store, does that mean I can come in a just a buy a cupcake whenever I want?
Yes! Please do!

What flavors will you have available to purchase?
To see our daily flavors, please visit our flavor page!

Can I come in and buy a couple dozen cupcakes without an order?
Sure! But we do have a limited quantity of cupcakes each day so if you are needing more than 2 dozen cupcakes, ordering in advance is strongly recommended!

Why do you use plastic containers instead of paper boxes?
Believe it or not, the packaging of our cupcakes was not something we took lightly! It is true that cardboard is much more environmentally-friendly than plastic and pastry boxes look so cute and give a more “gourmet” flair to the product. However, we quickly learned that cupcakes and cardboard don’t play nicely together. Once a cupcake is out of the oven and iced, it starts losing precious moisture. After all, it is just a small cake! If it is packaged in a pastry box, the cardboard immediately starts sucking the moisture out of the cupcake, leaving it dry and crumbly within in just a few hours of packaging! As you know, we don’t bake with preservatives, so we decided that the long-term quality of our cupcakes trumped cuteness and went with the plastic clam-shell packaging!

Why don’t you pile your cupcakes with copious amounts of frosting?
Ah…frosting. In the cupcake world, the amount of frosting on one’s cupcake is a very polarizing subject. In the beginning, we experimented with the amount of frosting and found that no matter what we did we weren’t able please everyone – someone always thought there could be more or vice versa. So we decided that they would be frosted how we personally like to eat them: with a perfect (in our opinion) cake to icing ratio. However, since we do special orders, you can always request more or less icing on your cupcakes for a small upgrade fee! Please contact us for more details.

Can I order half dozens?
Yes! Please visit our flavor page for more information!

Do you deliver?
Kind of! For smaller orders, we recommend using ErrandBug Delivery Service. Please visit their website for fees and availability. For larger orders, please contact us for more information.

Do you ship out of state?
Unfortunately, cupcakes aren’t really mail-friendly, so we do not ship these.

Do you sell full-size cakes and other baked goods, too?
Just cupcakes! We decided that we would rather focus on one thing and make it exceptional rather than have multiple, mediocre items.

Can you write a name or short message on a cupcake?
Sort of. We use fondant lettering to spell out messages on the tops of multiple cupcakes. If you are interested in this, please contact us for more information.

Can you print a company logo or person’s photo on a cupcake?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this service at this time.

Do leftover cupcakes need to be refrigerated?
Please do NOT refrigerate the cupcakes! Refrigeration dries out the cupcakes. We recommend you store your cupcakes at room temperature in an airtight container. You may, however, freeze the cupcakes but do so immediately after purchase.

Do you offer discounts on large orders?
Discounts are are available for orders exceeding 120 cupcakes. For more information, please fill out our request form and we’ll contact you with more details!

Do you franchise?
Sorry, not at this time!

Do you make cupcakes for special dietary needs (gluten free, sugar free, etc.)?
Yes! We make cupcakes for cupcake lovers on a Vegan diet as well as a Gluten-free one! Please contact us for ordering and pricing information.

Do any of your cupcakes contain nuts?
None of our cakes contain nuts, but a few of our icings have either nuts or peanut butter. If you aren’t sure, please be sure to ask. Also, please keep in mind that all of our cake and icings are baked and prepared in a kitchen that uses nuts, milk, wheat, cocoa and other potential allergens. If you are purchasing cupcakes for parties or large groups of people, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to inform their guests of this. We do not guarantee our cupcakes to be allergen free and are not responsible for any allergic reactions.

Do you have gift certificates?
Yes, gift certificates are available to purchase! Please call or email us for information!

Do you offer fund-raising opportunities?
We are always open to speaking with you about fund-raising opportunities! Please call or email us with your information!

Can I suggest a flavor?
ANY TIME! Just email us with your idea!

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